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Pictionary for Small Basic - programs to draw pictures about keywords of Microsoft Small Basic programming language.

Small Basic のためのピクショナリー プロジェクト




対象のキーワードは以下の 172 語です。名詞、動詞その他です。

  1. And Or For Step If Then Else While Go To Subroutine
  2. Array Clock Control Desktop Dictionary File Flickr Graphics Math Mouse Network Program Shape Sound Stack Text Timer Turtle Window
  3. Absolute Angle Argument Background Bell Button Bold Bound Box Brush Caption Case Ceiling Character Chime Chinese Code Color Content Cosine Count Cursor Date Day Degree Definition Directory Ellipse English Error Floor Font French From German Height Hour Image Index Interval Italian Italic Item Japanese Key Korean Last Left Length Line Lower Logarithm Natural Maximum Message Millisecond Minimum Minute Month Music Name Of Opacity Page Paper Path Pen Pi Pixel Power Radian Random Remainder Rectangle RGB Right Root Second Simplified Sine Size Spanish Speed Square Tangent Title Top Traditional Triangle Upper Value Wall Web Week Width Year
  4. Add Animate Append Clear Click Convert Copy Create Delete Delay Download Draw Down Elapse Fill Get Hide Input Insert Move Pause Play Pop Push Read Remove Resize Resume Ring Rotate Round Set Show Stop Tick Turn Type Up Wait Write Zoom
  5. Can Contain End Is Start





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